Corner 10 @ 15th May - Helwan - Cairo


    Application form for:

    General Data

    1] Name of student:

    2] Gender :

    3] Date of Birth:

    4] Religion:

    5] Address:

    6] Tel. No.:

    7] Parental marital status:

    8] Father Occupation: Mother Occupation:

    9] The Second Language :

    Previous nursery/School

    10] School name:

    11] Language of instruction:


    I hereby apply for the admission of the fore mentioned student to Modern Vision Language School. All the information I have provided is true and accurate.
    I agree:
    a) That my child and I will abide by and support all the rules, code of conduct and regulations of the school.
    b) To pay all the school fees and deposits promptly as requested.
    c) To ensure that my child wears official school uniform.
    d) To accept all decisions of the school Directors.
    e) To take my child from school before 4 o'clock from the school supervisor, but after 4 he/she will be in the security department.